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Brief introduction of the company

Mission of the company

Become a national tour operator, which is internationally recognized for quality products and services that meet the demands and interests of foreign and domestic tourists.

To promote the lives and traditions of many ethnic groups, Kazakhs, Urianhai, Tuva and Durvat families in Mongolia, to provide visitors with comfort, Chinggis Khan’s history, Stone Age and 2000-3000 aimed at introducing a tour of the Mongolian Altai region of Mongolia to the Altai Mountains in Mongolia for a short period of time in a comfortable and convenient manner.

Our company has been operating since 2015 to ensure the participation of local people, herders, cooperatives, and enterprises in the area of environmental and tourism research and training in the region. Sustainable development of tourism is a company with professional translators, cooks, drivers and trainers.

Grand Altai Travel operates a specialized team of 10 drivers, 6 translators, 8 cooks and 4 service professionals. In countryside there are 15 Kazakh Eagle Hunters family that receives tourists and Urianhai, Tuva and Durvat 20 families are working together to introduce nomadic lifestyle.

In order to sustain income of the households, we organize a variety of events such as introducing handicraft products, hiring a camel or horses, introducing a living space, photographing and learning how to make dairy products.

From 2016 onwards, “Grand Altai Travel” supplies quality and reliable service. We offer 6 Kazak Quest house, bathrooms, toilets, showers and internet environments with 25 beds.

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