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Horseback Riding Tours

Experience a thirteen day riding tour surrounded by the spectacular, dramatic beauty of the Altai Mountains.

The horse is an important part of the nomadic life in Mongolia. At the same time Kazakh children learn to walk, they learn to ride! A nomadic family might use as many as three to four horses for transportation and work. Training the horses in the summer months enables the horses to become fit so they can endure our hard Mongolian winters.

Our horseback riding tour will be led by BahatIbrai, one of the three Mongolian Kazakhs who were among the first men in modern times to make an expedition across Kazakhstan. He completed his expedition in 2010 and was made an official member of the Long Riders Guild. Bahat is a helpful, friendly, skilled rider who will introduce you to horse welfare and assist you in advancing your riding skills. He will also lead you you to the ancient monuments including deerstones, petroglyphs and Pre-Hun Scythian Burial Grounds.

During your tour you will be surrounded by mountainous ice peaks, beautiful lakes, and magnificent rivers. You will ride for approximately 6 to 8 hours each day and cover up to 25 – 30 kilometers (about 15 miles) per day.

The tour priice includes:

  • All meals during the trip
  • All accommodation types during the program
  • Transport including petrol
  • Local guide
  • Cook
  • Visa support including invitation
  • Local flights Ulgii-UlaanBataar


  • International flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Charges for excess baggage
  • Airport taxes
  • Individual equipment
  • Drinks and extra charges in hotels and inns
  • All alcoholic drinks
  • All costs not specified in “Included”

Day 1  Upon your arrival at Ulaanbaatar airport, you will be met by one of our representatives and, after checking in at the hotel, we will take you on a city sightseeing tour and for a welcome dinner. (Hotel/D)

Day 2   You will fly to Ulgii City, about a three hour flight, in the province of Bayan-Ulgii in Western Mongolia, the home of a minority group of Kazakh people. At the local airport you will be welcomed by your English-speaking guide, driver and expedition cook. From there you will be driven to the Dayan Lake, where we will meet up with the local Kazakhs who will join our group with their camels and horses. (TentB/L/D)

Day 3  We will start our ride to the HotonHurgan Lakes. The landscape around the lakes is stunning, with forests and snow-capped mountains. Camel support will follow us (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 4   We will ride on the north shore of Khoton Lake to Biluut Hill. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 5  We will ride to the Tsagaan Us River Valley. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 6  On this day we will ride across on the highest mountain pass with continued camel support. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 7  Today our ride will take us to ShivetUul Mountain. On the way we will enjoy the spectacular beauty of the snow-capped Altai Mountain range with its glaciers. The lush meadows between the mountains are carpeted with wild and sweet smelling flowers. On this part of the excursion we may have the luck to see wild ibex. We will continue with camel support and overnight again in a tent. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 8   On this day we will ride to the White River Valley where we will visit a Tuvan family and be introduced to their Shaman religion. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day  9 Today we will ride 18 km to the base camp of TavanBogd. Our luggage will be transported by camels, handled by the local Tuvan people, they are friendly and helpful. On the way you can see the ice peaks of the Potanin and Alexander Glaciers. The base camp is at an elevation of 3000 m. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 10 Following a glacier exploration, we will climb the Malchin Peak (4050 m) on the Mongolian and Russian border. The Malchin Peak is the lowest of the Holy Five Peaks and takes 6 to 7 hours to climb. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 11  We will ride north to the Oigor River where we visit a Kazakh family in their summer camp and experience their customs and culture. They will introduce us, and you can taste  to their locally made milk products which play such an important role in their traditional diet. At this point passenger cars will arrive from Ulgii. Camel support will follow us. (Tent/B/L/D)

Day 12 We will drive back to Ulgii and visit the local Mosque, open air market, museum, and shop for local art and handicrafts. You will have the choice to stay overnight in our ger camp or our hotel Eagle’s Nest and have the luxury of a hot shower! (Hotel/Ger/B/L/D)

Day 13  Return flight to Ulaanbaatar with farewell dinner. (Hotel/B/L/D

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