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Central Mongolia – Travel to Mongolia | Tours Mongolia
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Central Mongolia

Central Mongolia is beautiful, pristine, and rich in wild species and has been keeping many important historical and cultural remains.

Elsen Tasarkhai

Elsen Tasarkhai is a part of the Mongol Els sand dunes, that continues 80 km long 5 km wide across Burd, Bulgan and Gurvanbulag soums of Uvurkhangai province. It is located 280 km west of Ulaanbaatar and 80 km east of Karakorum – the ancient Mongolian capital. The area is surrounded...

Kharkhorum, Erdenezuu Monastery

Kharkhorin – In 1220 Chinggis Khaan established the capital of Mongolian empire on the fertile plains along the Orkhon River. This is called Kharkhorin, 373 km from Ulaanbaatar city. Kharkhorin is located at the lower end of the upper valley of the Orkhon River, which is part if the...


To experience the openness and hospitality of Mongolian people and to see some magnificent landscape it is possible to ride and hike in mountains in just one or two days. Gorkhi-Terelj national park is the closest national park from UB and ideal destinations for those with a short time to...


Khustain Nuruu National park also known as Hustai NP has had remarkable success in re-introducing the Takhi wild horse and become one of the top travel destinations in Mongolia. The 50,000-hectare park, steppe and forest-steppe environment is also a great habitat of locally and globally...

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