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Grand Altai Travel LLC– Tour operator company specialized  in organizing trips among all destinations in Mongolia, including Western Mongolia, Central Mongolia, Mongolian Gobi desert and Hovsgol lake preserved area. Our company tour packages include trekking, culture tours, horseback riding, photography, eagle hunting, family stays and event coverage. If you have your own idea of planning your trip, feel free to contact us for tailor made customized trip. Our skilled team is eager to help you.


We are tour operator company specialized in organizing tours among Mongolia, especially in Western Mongolia, the land of mountains and ethnic group diversity. With our company you feel full support of specialists with 12 or more years of experience.



Team Grand Altai offers you unforgettable adventures from Mongolian Altai range to Mongolian Gobi desert. Jeep tours, trekking trips, Tavan bogd mountain climbing and horseback tours are available for your choice.


Whether you are professional photographer, video blogger or heritage enthusiast, or maybe just a tourist planning your trip to attend one of 10 events organized by government and non-government organizations, choose our company for an event coverage. Our event coverage trips include all the costs for event attendance and accompanying short trip.


Mongolia is the land of multiple traditions, multiple cultures and lifestyles. Our team is offering you nomadic family exploring trips, Kazakh nomads homestay, nomadic family winter moving trips, eagle hunter family home-stay, archaeological heritage trips and other kind of cultural trips. Feel the difference of multiple ethnics and their traditions, cultures with Grand Altai Travel LLC.


Your bridge to Mongolian culture. Grand Altai Travel team has a highly skilled and knowledge tourist guides and skillful drivers, cooks specialized in outdoor cooking. Wherever in Western Mongolia you want to travel, whenever you pan your trip to Western Mongolia, whatever you want to do in Western Mongolia, our team of specialized personals can do the best for you. We know the culture, we know the way, we know the taste. Just book a trip with us and enjoy it.

Aidin Marat

Language knowledge: English, Russian

Guiding experience: Since 2012 at Grand Altai Travel LLC. Experience in guiding large group of tourists, special purpose trips such as filming and photography trips, also event coverage. High knowledge of historical sites, sightseeing and cultural aspects.

Education: Tourism business and management school of Orkhon University, bachelor by profession of tourism manager.

Darger Bagdaulet

Language knowledge: English, Russian

Experienced tour guide who has been working since 2020 fro Grand Altai Travel team, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences in various destinations.

Extensive knowledge and excellent communication skills, have enabled him to excel in this field. He knows how to create personalized itineraries that cater to the unique interests and preferences of each group or individual. Whether it's navigating historic sites or exploring beautiful landmarks, strives to ensure that every traveler leaves with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the places they visit.

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