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ABOUT MONGOLIA – Travel to Mongolia | Tours Mongolia
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Mongolia, the country of adventure, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and great history behind. Pieceful Mongol nation tribes here in Central Asia for thousands of years. Mongolians are welcome hospitality nation to introduce our nomadic lifestyle to you and proud to share their amazing history with you.


WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT MONGOLIA? Mongolia is one of the interesting, but yet least well-known unique travel destinations in the world. Below are some reasons for telling travelers about this well-kept secret. Travel to Mongolia: Mongolia is a country made for nature lovers: Mongolia is the...

Travel to Mongolia

​If you are planning to travel to Mongolia, the most significant thing to consider is the weather. The country experiences an extreme continental climate; it is so far inland that no sea tempers its climate. Mongolia has four seasons and each has its own character. Keep in mind that the...

Mongolian Ethnic

Mongolian Ethnic – Unique type of nation Although most people probably think of Mongolia as being inhabited by a single ethnic group – the Mongols – this is wrong. There are actually quite a few. There are over 20 different groups of Mongols. Ethnic group, Percentage of...

Practical Information

POPULATION: 3.5 million AREA: 1,566,000 sq km (610,740 sq mi) LAND BOUNDARIES: 8,158 km, with Russia 3,485 km and with China 4,673 km AVERAGE ALTITUDE: 1,580 m above sea-level TERRAIN: Vast semi-desert and desert plains, mountains in west and southwest, Gobi Desert in southeast PEOPLE:...

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