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The Altai Mountain range is stretched up covering the territory of 4 countries: Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

The Mongolian part of Altai Mountain range called Mongolian Altai Mountain range and is a natural preserved area. In 1996, the National Reserve “Altai Tavan Bogd National Park” was founded and officially opens. In the territory of the Altai Mountains Tavan-Bogd there are many lakes and rivers such as Khoton Lake, Khurgan Lake, Dayan Lake, Khovd River valley, Khar Salaa, Tsagaan-Salaa, Songinot, and Yolt.
The glaciers are located at an altitude of 3,500-4,000 meters above sea level. The largest glaciers are the Potanin Glacier, Alexander Glacier, Greny Glacier. They stretch 16 kilometers in length and are the source of the Tsagaan River. The five highest peaks of Altai Tavan Bogd mountain are Khuiten peak 4374 meters, Friendship peak 4082 meters, Herdsman peak 4037 meters, Eagle peak 4068 meters, and Ulgiy peak 4050 meters.

Day 1 . (03.July) fly to Ulgii City

You will fly to Ulgii City, in the Bayan-Ulgii province in Western Mongolia, about 3 hours of flight. The population of this province is mostly Kazakh, with their own culture and language. At the airport you will meet your English-speaking guide, as well as your driver and expedition cook. Drive to Tsagaan gol valley and visit Tuvaan family. Tuva’s are ethnic Mongols with their unique distintive culture and lifestyle. They practice shamanism. We stay overnight with the family in a ger.

Accommodation: Tuvaa family ger

Meal: Lunch, Dinner


 Day 2 . (04.July) Tavan Bogd National park

Today we will ride or hike 18 km to the base camp of Tavan Bogd. Our luggage will be transported by camels, handled by the local Tuvan people, they are friendly and helpful. On the way you can see the ice peaks of the Potanin and Alexander Glaciers. The base camp is at an elevation of 3000 m. Camel support will follow us. After having our lunch beside the glacier, we hike back to Tuvan family. Stay overnight again with this family. /Children may stay with the driver at this point. Drivers and your children drive round way to Aral Tobe and wait for you there.

Accommodation: Tuvaan family ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 3 . (05.July) Shivet Mountain- Harsalaa

Today we hike towards Shivet Uul Mountain with support of camels led by horsemen guide Tuvaan guys. On the way we will enjoy the spectacular beauty of the snow-capped Altai Mountain range with its glaciers. The lush meadows between the mountains are carpeted with wild and sweet-smelling flowers. On this part of the excursion, we may have the luck to see wild ibex. Today we stay overnight in a tent.

Accommodation: Tent camp

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 4 . (06.July) Bear Valley

This day is the toughest of our tour. We will hike across the highest mountain pass with continued camel support. Stay overnight nearby herder’s shelter just past the Bear valley.

Accommodation: Tent camp

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5 . (07.July) Tsagaan Us River Valley

Today, we are going to hike down alongside the Tsagaan Us River Valley to Aral Tolgoi. On the way to Aral Tolgoi, we can see the Green lake, heart shaped clear water lake located between thick forest.  Camel support will follow us. Our cars will be waiting us at Aral Tolgoi. Drive to Khoton Khurgan lake. Stay overnight at the lakeshore.

Accommodation: Tent camp

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 6 . (08.July) Drive to Baga Turgen valley

 Drive to Baga Turgen valley to visit waterfall. This is one of the most beautiful place of this region. On the way back, visit Eagle hunter nomad family in their Summer place nearby. Stay overnight with eagle hunter family.

Accommodation: Family spare ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 . (09.July) Back to Ulgii

Drive back to Ulgii through Khovd river valley. On the way back we drive through 3 villages: Tsengel, Ulaankhus, Sagsai. Arrive in Ulgii and check in at Grand Altai travel ger camp. Walk around downtown, shopping and climb Friendship hill for panoramic evening view of Ulgii city.

Accommodation: Family spare ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8 . (10.July) Flight back to Ulaanbatar

Transfer to UB

Meal: Breakfast

• Pax 1-2 USD 1574$ per peson
• Pax 3-4 USD 1212$ per peson
• Pax 5-6 USD 1150$ per peson
• Russian van x 2
The tour includes:
- 2 nights in a Tuvan Family
- 1 night in a kazakh nomadic Family
- 1 night at ger camp guest house
- Van transfer
- Horse and camels
- English-speaking guide
- Domestic flight
- Entry fees to national parks
- Meals as indicated in the itinerary
The tour excludes:
- Items for personal use, beverages, alcoholic drinks
- Travel and medical insurance
- International transportation
- Excess baggage charge in the domestic flight (5 kg handbag + 10 kg check-in luggage free)
- Visa fee
- Single supplements
- Small presents for nomad children and gratuities for the tour team if you do not mind.

Is the Tour suitable for you?

This trip is designed for nature enthusiast and hiker with its high physical ability.  The daily hiking distance varies from 15 to 25 kilometers of mountainous places.


The ger camps and hotels are in local standards and for twin share. In the mountains, stay overnight in tents or share nomad family ger


You will dine at local restaurants in Ulgii and have a picnic lunch. Vegetarians and restricted diet travelers should inform of the dietary requirements before arrival in Mongolia. We will arrange the meals accordingly. We will supply two 0.5L bottles of water a day. Providing one large bottle (1.5 liters) of water instead of 2 small bottles is available upon request. More information about the Mongolia meals


Fully guided by an English-speaking guide.

Tour vehicles

The tour includes a round-way domestic flight to western Mongolia. Regarding the land transport, the September Eagle Festival Tour was designed with four wheels driving Russian vans, driven by experienced, friendly, and good mechanic-drivers. Different car types are available upon request for private tours. You may check the travel vehicle details at Mongolia transportation.


To check weather condition of time when you are travelling visit www.weather.com and check monthly broadcast. Please check the DISCOVERY TOUR PACKING LIST and pack accordingly. Also, consider the free luggage allowance on domestic flights – 15 kg per person, including the handbag.

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, please check the attractions in Western Mongolia

  8 days,  $1150-$1550 per pack

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