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Ice Festival and Taiga Mountain Tours

9 Days 1850$

Ice Festival and Taiga Mountain Tours

Ice Festival and Taiga Mountain (9 Days) Tour

     This tour is suitable for tourists who want to attend the Lake Khovsgol Ice festival event and have some trip around. We offer you 9 days of trip package including festival days and visit and stay with Tsaatan family, reindeer herder nomads with their unique culture. Also we have chance to hike up the Mongolian Taiga and enjoy Darkhad mountain.

 Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

The translator and driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to hotel in Ulaanbaatar.
Accommodation: Holyday Hotel

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar – Murun by domestic flight – Lake Khuvsgul

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the Airport. You will fly to Murun in Khuvsgul province. Upon arrival at the Murun airport you will be met by a local driver and be driven to Lake Khuvsgul, a distance of approximately 100 km (62miles). After reaching Khatgal village, you will travel a little further to reach yourger-camp. Lake Khuvsgul is the largest freshwater lake in Central Asia. The landscape around the lake is unique and incomparable in its beauty. The depth of the lake is approximately 100-200 m.

Accommodation: Ger camp

Meals: BF, L, D

 Day 3: Ice Festival

After breakfast, we will join the Ice Festival and enjoy the event composed with cultural performances and sport competitions.
Accommodation: Ger camp

Meals: BF, L, D

 Day 4: Lake Khuvsgul – Darkhad Valley /350 km/ (217 miles)

After breakfast, you will hike to the top of a local mountain and see all of Khuvsgul Lake. Afterward you will be driven to Tsagaan Nuur County.  On the way you will enjoy the local scenery as well as seeing herds of yak, goats, cows, sheep and horses. You will eat lunch in Tsagaan Nuur area, a county. As you complete your travel for the day you will reach the local indigenous guide Bambag’s guest ger at the Darkhad valley. This valley was the home for the ethnic people of the Darkhad tribe for centuries hence the name Darkhad valley. Here you will be introduced to the famous Tsaatan guide, Bambag and learn more about his mysterious life and his ancestral stories.

Accommodation: Ger

Meals: BF, L, D

 Day 5: Taiga – Tsaatan (Reindeer people)

After breakfast, Bambag’s family will prepare horses for you and your luggage, and you will then begin your trek about 20 km (12 miles) through mountains of Taiga. You will go through dense forests in the high mountains, and traverse rapids and streams. These local horses will amaze you at how easily they traverse difficult terrain. After traveling for three to four hours you will arrive at the home of the reindeer people. You will take break and then build your tent next to the reindeer family’s teepee or you may choose to stay at the extra teepee, built for guest. You will be greeted by the reindeer family and enjoy dinner and welcomed rest.

Accommodation: Teepee

Meals: BF, L, D

Day 6: Joyful day with Tsaatan family

After breakfast, you will learn about the lifestyle of the reindeer people, starting with the sunrise and continue your exploration as you learn how to milk a reindeer. The reindeer people have been fishing, hunting, picking fruit and herding deer here for many centuries in this mountain. Their main religion is Shamanism. They worship the mountain savdag (spirit).  Also, you willsee how they buy and sell things and how their children receive an education in this isolated situation. You will see their unique lifestyle and have many excellent photo opportunities as we visit the Taiga Mountain and lake in the midst of mountains as you travel by foot and horseback. You can be sure that you will see many more interesting things. You will have evening meal and rest in your tent.

Accommodation: Teepee

Meals: BF, L, D

 Day 7: Taiga Mountain – Darkhad Valley /150 km/ (93 miles)

After breakfast, you may express appreciation to the reindeer family, mount your horse and leave the reindeer people. You will meet up with our driver at the Bambag’s ger in the Darkhad Valley. Here you will stay and have dinner.

Accommodation: Ger

Meals: BF, L, D

Day 8: Darkhad Valley – Murun /350 km/ (217 miles)

After breakfast, you will begin your long ten hour drive back to Murun town. Upon arrival in Murun, you will be checked into the hotel for the evening.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: BF, L, D

Day 9: Ulaanbaatar city

After breakfast, you will take a domestic flight to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in the city you will be taken to your hotel. Depends on the flight arrival time we will explore the Ulaanbaatar capital city.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: BF, L

 Day 10: Departure

Our guide and driver will take you to the airport.


  • 2 PAX 2300$
  • 3 – 4 PAX 2100$
  • Group Tour 1850$


  • For children of a family trip
  • One free space for every 12 pax
  • Early booking discount: 5%
  • Please contact us for more trip details.

 The tour includes:

  • All meals during the trip
  • All accommodations during the program
  • Transport with car including gasoline.
  • Local guide
  • Cook
  • Ice Festival tax
  • Border permits and National Park entrance fees
  • Visa support including invitation etc.

The tour excludes:

  • International flights

Domestic flights

  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Charges for excess baggage
  • Airport taxes
  • Individual equipment
  • Drinks and extra charges in hotels and inns
  • All alcoholic drinks
  • All cost


Is the Tour suitable for you?

If you are planning to participate the festival as well as visit Tsaatan family, reindeer farmer nomads and feel the Mongolian Taiga forests around the lake all at once in a short time trip, this tour is for you.


The ger camps and hotels are in local standards and for twin share. At the festival place in Khovsgol lake, you stay in ger camp. For tsaatan family stay days you share the family tent.


All the way during trip our cook with equipment will accompany us. Vegetarians and restricted diet travelers should inform of the dietary requirements before arrival in Mongolia. We will arrange the meals accordingly. We will supply two 0.5L bottles of water a day. Providing one large bottle (1.5 liters) of water instead of 2 small bottles is available upon request. More information about the Mongolia meals


Our high skilled English speaking tour guides will guide you through whole trip.

Tour vehicles

The tour includes a round-way domestic flight to Khovsgol province. Regarding the land transport, with four wheels driving Russian vans, driven by experienced, friendly, and good mechanic-drivers. Different car types are available upon request for private tours. You may check the travel vehicle details at Mongolia transportation.


The 2023 Ice Festival takes place on 5 and 6 th of March. Once the climate in place that Ice festival is being organized is  more to sibirian climate, temperature often falls down to -40 C. Make sure that you bring warm clothes and jackets.  Please check the DISCOVERY TOUR PACKING LIST and pack accordingly. Also, consider the free luggage allowance on domestic flights – 15 kg per person, including the handbag.

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, please check the attractions in Western Mongolia

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