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Government made a decision to declare 2023-2024 the ‘Visit Mongolia’ year

At its regular meeting on July 5, the Government made a decision to declare 2023-2024 the ‘Visit Mongolia’ year.

“We aim to receive up to 1 million tourists a year in Mongolia. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has announced 2024 as Year of Tourism. Within this frame, an online platform named ‘mongoliatravel.guide’ to promote Mongolia abroad is being developed. Thus, the platform will be introduced to the diplomatic missions through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and greetings from Prime Minister will be delivered to every tourist who received an electronic visa,” said Minister of Environment and Tourism B.Bat-Erdene

He also said that according the survey, a total of 73,000 tourists have visited Mongolia since the beginning of this year, generating USD 70,000 in income.

The detailed strategy to develop tourism is being developed comprehensively as there was no such strategy in Mongolia in the past. During the process of developing the strategy, the issue was touched that tourists find it difficult to find news and information about Mongolia. With the introduction of the platform, it will become possible to disseminate information about Mongolia aside from providing information on cultural events to be held in near future for tourists, and offer them to buy tickets, and an additional information on tourist areas and resorts.

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