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Mongolian Grand Altai the Culture

Archeological treasures are abundant in Bayan-Olgii. You can see petroglyphs, standing stones, and burial mounds from the Aimag museum in Olgii to Tsaagan Salaa inside Tavan Bogd National Park with over 10,000 petroglyphs in one valley. Many sites are outside of National Parks, though the best places are inside Tavan Bogd National Park. Due to the rough landscape, it is easy to pass within a short distance of a petroglyph site and not see it without a detailed map or guide. Burial mounds and standing stones are usually found in wide valleys inside the park. Archeology sightseeing is included in most tour packages and archeology centric tours are popular. These tours are usually paired with visits to nomadic families, allowing you to view artistic representations of past cultures and the current lifestyle of locals.

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