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MONGOLIAN GOBI – Travel to Mongolia | Tours Mongolia
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Mongolian Gobi considered as world’s top travel destinations.This exotic desert has been captivating explorers, paleontologists, travelers and photographers for many decades.The Mongolian Gobi is famous for its iconic natural formations, dinosaur fossils, wildlife, birds and camel herding nomads. Mongolian Gobi offers you excellent desert activities and suggestions that make your Mongolian Gobi trip unforgettable and worth.

As you know Mongolia is world’ one of the most sparsely populated countries and in Mongolia, Gobi desert region is also the least crowded place. You will find plenty of nomadic families during your trip except the main tourist areas. It may give you a feeling like you are wandering through a great emptiness and mystery. And now please put yourself in local nomads’ place. They are living in nomadic way of life and migrate few places in their desert region for year around and they have not enough opportunity to meet strangers. So, based on their nomadic lifestyle, the hospitality tradition has been building or Ger or Yurt/traditional dwelling/, you will feel the great warmth and hospitable atmosphere. And this is the only beginning of your Mongolian nomadic cultural discovery. You will learn a lot of culture differentiations while you are staying with them.

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